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On this day! ~ June 28th, 2023

There are many days in one's life that will always seem like yesterday.  So vivid in your memory because it meant so much to you personally.  This could be good when thought about or bad because it hurt so much. Well, on this day 2 years ago I said goodbye to my wife Jeanne.  She had been a part of my life for 59 years.  She wore "many hats" as they say in her 77 years on this earth. Daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, friend, wife, mother, grand mother and great grand mother. So for me, on this day, June 28th, 2021 a big part of me was lost.

Saying Goodbye

As I stood by her bedside
looking down upon her face.
What once appeared happy and care free,
now shown battled and worn in its place.

Life’s battle is now over
no more daily wars to be won.
The toll has been taken,
time for the spirit to move on.

All that’s left are the memories
both good and some bad.
But she gave it her all
and I know she was glad she had.

She always lived by the motto,
“never give up and always try”,
I never thought it would be this hard,
standing there, saying goodbye!

Well, I believe goodbyes are for this world,
for there will be none in the next.
This life was about learning and loving,
at the end comes the test!

What did we learn, with the gift
that to each of us is given?
It was never about the goodbye’s
“my friends, it is all about the living!”

E. P. Shagott

As I reread that poem sometimes it seems a little cold but truthful.  Life is about all the time before the final goodbye.  It is about the love we share with each other. 

I Loved You

I loved you when I first met you.
I loved you when you did part.
I loved you when we were together.
I loved you when we were apart.

I loved you through the battles
even though it did not show.
I loved you through tears and heartache.
I loved you more than I believe you did know.

Live goes by so quickly
before we know it this life is done.
No more chances to say I love you,
that time in life is now gone.

So I will hold on to the good times,
for the bad, well, I will let them go.
My prayer is somehow you did realize
just how much I loved you so!


E. P. Shagott

Yes, on this day my heart will hurt just a little more, than all the other days.

God's love and grace to you all!

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