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Watch this short video describing God's four poetry books. Scroll down to view more in detail about each. May you hear God speaking to you from on or all of "His" poems. God bless!

This is God's 1st published book of poems.

Published book #1.jpg

Watch a video with a few selective poems from below!

Pages 1 - 25

Perfect World
I Need Your Help Today, Lord
God’s Wounded
I Try
You Were On My Mind Today
I Love You, He Said
It Was Never About This Life
When Words Just Aren’t Good Enough
I’m Talking To You
I Want To Be Like Him
May This Day
The Heart
The Warrior
Please Let Me Use
The Morning Of September 12th
Touch Someone For Me
Planting Seeds
I Am Someone Special
New Through Christ
God’s Gift
Grab Hold
Modern Day Disciple
Whispers of Love
Being Humble


Pages 26 - 50

Are You Ready
The Key
Fruit From The Cross
Your Purpose
He Is Always There
The Christian Hurts
The Lonely Road
“d”epression Came To My House
I Took It All For Granted
A Dad Entered Heaven
It's Up To You
Show Them, Touch Them, Reach Them Lord
The Son’s Light
The Eyes Of The World
An Alphabetic Poem To God
The Rivers Of Grief
Reach Into God's Toolbox

The Ashes Of Life 

Here I Am Again Lord 

The Edge Of Heaven 

Christ Lives Within Me 

I Sing

Pages 51 - 75 
A Sinner Knocked On Heaven’s Door
Teach Me
An Empty Container
For God Is Always There
In Him
The Church
People Like You And Me
Your Soul Belongs To Him
Our Daily Battles
I Can’t Do It Alone
You Can Have What I Have
I Really Need You Now, Lord
Victory Through Jesus
Hear My Prayer, Lord
A Child Of God
God Did Not Leave Us Alone
What Makes It Great
God's Measuring Stick
Choose Or Loose
The Way Out
Why Do I Love Him
The Mission
God's Timing
What Are You Choosing
The Many Parts Of Faith


Pages 76 - 100 

How Can This Still Be
The Victory
Choose Wisely
Within An Instant
Tell Them For Me
The Treasures Of Heaven
What Can I Do For You
At The Feet Of Jesus
A Hug
I Need To Talk, Lord
Wit's End
What Would Jesus Do
The Hurting, The Lost, And The Cross
Having A Bad Day
This Side Of Heaven 

Jesus Winked 

He Chose Us 

There Lies Life's Key 

The Pit 

Just A Bump In The Road 

A Broken Heart 

The Flame Of Love 

Walking Together For Jesus 

Did Anyone See Jesus 

He Lovingly Kissed My Soul

Pages 101 - 125
I Am A Past Sinner
Life's Storms
My Crystal Tears
The End Is The Beginning
We Are All The Same
See The Love Within Me
Touch A Life
Walking This Lonely Land
Is There Something I Can Do
The Heart Of Christ
Broken And Wounded
Do You Have Time For Him
Speak To Them For Me
Man Of God
This Message Is For You
Broken Heart, Healed Heart
Winning Through My Sufferings
Meet Me At The Cross
I Came Back To The Cross Today
Each Day Is Different
He Touched My Soul
He Is Waiting For You
Today Is Sunday
To And Fro
Get Behind Me Satan 


Pages 126 - 150 

Some Say
Why The Smile
The Gift
Nothing More
Wait On Him 

A Love Just For Me 

Jesus Is The Light 

It Doesn't Matter Lord 

His Fire Within 

The Love Of Jesus 

A God's Day Is Upon Us 

Is Just A Mere Bag Of Shells  

The Robe Of Rightness 

One Day Soon 

As I Look At The Cross 

When Tears Flowed From The Cross 

Do Not Be Distracted 

Where Is God 

The Fighter 

The Loss Of A Loved One 


Fight On 

Do You Love Me 

Just Let Go 

Not A Day Worth Living

Pages 151 - 187
The Day Of Reckoning
Life's Meaning
How Can I Go Wrong
Try Again
Heading Home

Love Flows
A Fine Line
Trust In Him
The Empty Swing
What Are You Waiting For
There Will Come A Time
Jesus Has My Back
Grab On To Him
When It Rains It Pours
Every Morning
God U R 4 Me
Life's Many Obstacles
The Final Battle
Why Not You
In Just A Moment
He Is There
Lord, What Can I Do For You
How Do I Believe
I Want More Of Jesus
What Would You Pay
Jesus Came To My House
A Welcome And A Smile
The Pastor
My Thoughts
Jesus Is The Way

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Complete book

To purchase book #1 online:

This is God's 2nd published book of poems.

Published book #2.jpg

Watch a video with a few selective poems from below!

Pages 1 - 25

It's Time To Come Home
Live Each Day With Love
I'll Remember
As I Walked Into Heaven
On A Hill Far Away
God Gave Me A Heart
Some Days
T'was The Month We Celebrate Christmas
My Eyes Gazed At The Cross
Sitting In The Same Pew
Did I Tell You, Thank You Lord
Life’s Seasons
Throne Of Grace
Back To Calvary
Closer To The Lord
Do You Feel His Presence
We Are To Be His Eyes, Ears, Hands And Feet
What More Can I Do
He Is The Light
The Face In The Mirror
What A Friend I Have In Jesus


Pages 26 - 50

Final Journey
The Baby Cried
What Can It Be
Then And Now
It Is All About Love
God Created A Mom
It Was Not Me
Broken And Victorious
My Decision
Before And After
Life’s Rivers
God Is Waiting For You To Choose
The Test
Behold His Hands
In The Shadows Of Life
When You Look At Me
I Want To
Surrender to Him
The Choice Is Up To You
My Life Is Being Tried


Pray Without Ceasing 

With His Last Breath 


Is About

Pages 101 - 125
A Difficult Season
God Is Talking To You Today
I Want It All
Broken Hearts Take Time To Mend
I Looked For You In Church Today
When All Was Lost
It’s Not Too Late
Not About Me But Thee
Oh Precious Savior
Use Me Lord
May You Always Be
Walk Closely With Jesus Today
Jesus Is The Key
May It Not Be Too Late
Has God Got Your Attention
Get Your Eyes Off Yourself
Rejoice And Learn
I Will Follow You
Do You Know Me
Get Down On Your Knees
Be Blessed Today
While The Preacher Was Preaching


Pages 126 - 150

Which Way Are You Going
Why Do I Do It
When It Is All Said And Done
One Day
Be Blessed This Day
The Shepherd

Not When But Where 

He Is With You 

We Shall Not Be Always 

What Can I Do 

Life Is A Collection Of Memories 

Our Great Physician 

One Nail That I Hold 

The Day Was Coming 

A Message From The Great Physician 

Face The Facts 

My Book Of Life 

I Came Upon 

Get Up And Rest 

The Wish 

Lost Angels

Pages 51 - 75
Wait, Just Wait
The Debt Was Paid
His Message, Is In The Poem
Jesus Is Waiting On You
Mending A Broken Heart
I Live By Faith
We Are As One
A Prayer
I Have A Heart For God
Are You Ready To Receive
The Fire Within
The Blessing
A Heavy Heart
I Am So Blessed
I Waited
Another One For Christ
Praise To God
A Family Of One
It Was Me
God’s Task
The Answer
Share If You Care


Pages 76 - 100

Be Silent And Still
Give To Him
The Father Of The Faithful
The Son-light
He Has What We Need
Freely He Gives
True Rest
God’s Love
The Master And The Servant
A Healthy Christian
Be Nice To Someone
The Cries To Heaven
I Thank Him
My Heart’s Now In Heaven
God’s Turning Up The Heat

The Mirror Of My Soul 

God Knows Best 

I Am A Man/Woman Of God 

Why Not I 

Waiting For Us All 

Reach Out For Me 

God Has The Last Word 

Finally Home 

Good Morning Loving Heart 

A Precious Gift

Pages 151 - 170
In The Blink Of An Eye
Jesus, Jesus, Precious Jesus
Life Is A Choice
Why Did They Do It
Cries From Within
Time Is Short
You Can Make A Difference
Look Up
The Powers In You
In Jesus Name
You Came To Me
Sooner Than Later
Life Changes
A Minute To Win It
The Animals Really Knew
Blessed Memories
What I Have, He Gave
On The Way To The Cross


Pages 171 - 186

Going Back
Nothing Has Really Changed
Easter Sunday
The Bible
The Answers
True Love
Life’s Remote
It’s Not Too Late
Another Day Somewhere
There They Knelled
We Don’t Have All The Answers
Outside The Walls
What Will I See
Being Like Christ
God’s Loving Hands
What Is Love

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Complete book

To purchase book #2 online:

This is God's 3rd published book of poems.

Published Book #3.jpg

Watch a video with a few selective poems from below!

Pages 1 - 25

Is God Surprised

How Deep Is His Love

Not The Here But The After

Rich Or Poor

How Deep Is The Mud

Judgement Day

The Gift

Good Morning, Lord

What More Can God Do

The Blues Man

Monkey Business


The Clock Of Jesus

The Penman

God’s Pallet


Preserve And Respect

The Ever Changing Weather

Pictures Of Jesus

A Wonderful Day You Will See

My Mother’s Tears

The Reflection

May We Never Forget

God Created Everything


Pages 26 - 50

God’s Roadmap

How Can It Be

What Are You Going To Do

Look To Jesus

Would You Switch Place

What Are You Reflecting

Listen To The Author

Living Water

What Is Your Name

Word Of God Speak

Open Up The Word


The Life We Live

The World’s Fiery Furnace

The Facts Of Life

Life’s Road

What I Call Him

The Problem

Times Haven’t Changed


Depend On God

Just An Ordinary Day

The Word Of God

All Glory Belongs To God

When We All Get To Heaven

Pages 51 - 75

Power In The Name Of Jesus

Are You Getting the Picture

Help Me, Lord


The Cost

God Gives

The Door

You And I

Go Ye

Not My Will But Yours, Lord

Read, Believe, Receive

Be Not Deceived



Our God

The Great I AM

Joyful, Patient, And Faithful

You Can’t Take It With You

The King Is Coming

My True Friend

My Foundation

For Me And You


What God Sees

The Holy Spirit At Walmart


Pages 76 - 100


He Chose The Nails

God’s Word

The Circle Of Grace

That’s Why I Do What I Do

Let’s Not Wait

No Sometimes About It

Well Done Good And Faithful Servant

Life Is How You Look At It

The Crossing

If We Can

What Has Changed

What More Has To Be Said

The Start Of The Day

Watered Down Gospel

We Answered The Call

Who Was The One Rescued

A Musician Entered Heaven

Signed, Sealed And Delivered

Though I Never Met Her

Father’s Day 

What Is A Dad

My Dog’s Birthday

Just Another Day

Just Another Bump In The Road

Pages 101 - 125

Life Goes On

The Blessed Trinity

Losing Weight

The Turkey’s Day

My Perfect Friend

What Will You Hear

24/7 Relationship

A Life Of wills

Common Sense

Dancing Shoes

Birthday Smile

God Is

What Do You Use

What Does God Want From Us

Simple Things In Life

Teenage Years

A Sin Is A Sin

Accept And Receive

The Cradle And The Cross

Foundation Of Respect

God Whispers

God's Beauty

Help Even The Load

I Said, God Said

Hate Walked Through the Door


Pages 126 - 150

Did I See A Snowflake

Eating And Sleeping

If Only I Would Of Known

Let His Light Shine In

Life's Puzzle

Red Cardinal In A Tree


Seed Planting

The American Worker

The Clicks Of The Clock

The Coffee Bean

Plug In

Prayers From The Heart


Message Delivered

My Ducks

My Loyal Friend

New Life In Christ

No Fun Getting Old

No Tears But Thank You

Not Our Will But God's

Obedience And Love

Past, Present And Future

People Beware

A Few Missing Ingredients

Pages 151 - 170

A Sad Day For Some


Any Day Or Night


For Edsel Owners


I Can Not Understand

Life Is Better with A Dog


Seemed Like Only Yesterday

The Bell

The Fence

Three Words Spoken

Time For A Tear

To All Of You

Wake Up!

What Are You Willing To Do

Everything Starts Somewhere

God Knows Me

Praise God

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Complete book

To purchase book #3 online:


This is God's 4th published book of poems & testimonials.

Book #4 cover 1.jpg

Pages 1-25
The Righteous

The Lady wept

The Little Things

Just Give Me Love

We Each Have A Choice

Passing Of Time

I'm Doing Fine

The Final Task

Tree Of Life

The Battle

Here Lies The Key

I Voted Today

It's Important Going To Church

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Point Of View

Air Force Veteran

God's To Do List


An Interesting Person

Be Careful

Oh Christmas Tree

You Will Remember Him

Christmas Day

There Is a Difference

Year Of The Heart


Pages 26-50


There Is A Day Coming

They Took A Knee

The Enemy

Get Ready

Paths Of Life

All Over But The Shouting

Family, Friends, And Fellow Human Beings

Life Has A Pattern

The Real Enemy

Pick Yourself Up

The Comeback Kid

Made In The USA

Cancel Culture

God Looks Down

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

What If I Am Right

Unknown Author

Looking Unto Jesus

What's At Stake

What It Cost

God's Church

Saying Goodbye

Life's Window

I Loved You

Pages 51-75

God Looked Down From Heaven

A Good Time To Be Old

I Am Not To Judge

Listen, Reflect And Pray

Still Missing


Conditioning Of The Mind



A Veteran

Down But Not Out

But Not Me

Someone's Knocking

We Try To Make Them Human

Five Fingers

Let Your Light Shine

The Missing Piece

Back When

The Day After Easter

Another Word for Mom

Row After Row

I Have Seen A Lot


Forever Days

The Day Before The Fourth

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Complete book

Pages 76-100

Good Verus Bad


Kingdom's Key


Letting Go

The Right Way


Remember Me

Our Roots

Our Furry friends

Forever Wounded

Life's Puzzle

You Have A Part

Three Thousand Plus Souls

To Put It In A Nut Shell

Good Verus Bad


Kingdom's Key


Letting Go

The Right Way


Remember Me

Our Roots

Our Furry friends

Forever Wounded

Life's Puzzle

You Have A Part

Three Thousand Plus Souls

To Put It In A Nut Shell

Good Verus Bad


Kingdom's Key


Letting Go

The Right Way


Remember Me

Our Roots

Our Furry friends

Forever Wounded

Life's Puzzle

You Have A Part

Three Thousand Plus Souls

To Put It In A Nut Shell

The Line To the Cross

Ask God

Just A Building

Wherever You Are God Is

Sunday To Sunday

May I Be

Walk This Way

God Is In Control

In The shadow Of The Cross

When Life Keeps Giving You Lemons


Pages 101-127

Think About Me

The Task

Six Days A Week

He Is The One

Strength In My Weakness

I Can't Do It For You

The Bridge

Comfort Zone

When Faith Is No Longer Needed

It's Jesus

The Hands Of The Clock

He Is With Us

Eyes Of Faith

Through The Flesh Or The Spirit

As He Looks Into My Heart

I Weep For The Wasted Years

If We Will Only

Follow Me

A Life With Jesus

Little By Little

The Race

Trust Is A Must

God Is Good

Grieve And Believe

Check It Out

His Blessings Flow

God Most High

Pages 128-148 

My Awesome Journey With God

Life Is About Testimonies

The Testimony Of God's Confirmation

Jesus Winked

The Testimony Of The Car

The Testimony Of Sharon

The Answer

The Testimony Of My Friend Jim Hilty

Life's Mission

The Testimony Of Sister Ethel

The Testimony Of Ruth

God's Wounded

The Testimony Of Rescue

My Buddy

Rescue Me

The Testimony Of Cheryl

The Testimony Of Dorothy

A Poem For Dorothy

The Closing

To purchase book #4 online:


                              About God’s penman!

E.P. Shagott, with the Lord’s direction, is the creator of God’s Love Outreach Ministry that began touching hearts for Christ in January 2004. God started touching Ed’s life with poetry in the early 1990s. In a span of twenty-plus years, He has inspired Ed with over 700 poems to touch those who needed to hear God speak directly to them in poetic form.

In March 1997, Ed surrendered his life to Jesus. Since January 2004, Ed has presented God’s Love programs in over 70 nursing homes and assisted living residences to more than 50,000 people. Many of the poems from these books have been shared, combined with music, and serve as inspirational stories to let all people know that God loves them and has not forgotten any of them.

To God be the glory!


Please feel free to post a comment about the published books above. God bless!

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