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The Testimony of God’s Confirmation

I am always amazed how every now and then the good Lord confirms certain things to me.  Though most of the time I don’t ask Him I know it is what He wanted me to know and understand.  As for the then one stands out vividly in my mind.  It was when I got through doing a God’s love program at Father Baker Manor in Orchard Park, New York.  As I was visiting with the residents I came to a gentleman that was in a bed chair.  He was wrapped in a blanket up to the top of his chest.  I asked him if he liked the program.  He couldn’t move or speak.  All he could do was “wink” his approval.  My friends, that was God confirming to me His approval.  When I got home I was blessed with the poem “Jesus Winked”.

Jesus Winked

I was at a nursing home today,
where I go to give God’s love.
Many, many people living there,
all in desperate need of His special touch.

So after I sang my heart out,
and because of Him all were blessed,
I started to visit one by one,
saying God loves them and to all the rest.

Then I came to a gentleman,
his body could not move.
It appeared as though he was stuck,
or to the bed chair he was glued.

I touched him on the shoulder
and then he winked which made me think,
I told him he just made my day,
my friends, I think I just saw Jesus wink!

E. P. Shagott

As for the now I have been still processing the loss of my wife on June 28th, 2021. For me being saved since a teenager and also called into an outreach ministry after my retirement, I knew the importance of accepting Jesus Christ into ones life.  We never think of death in this life but it is something we all will face at sometime.  So I questioned if my wife knew Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior?  I never heard her say and from what she talked about I wasn’t sure.  I believe she knew that I did for my life truly changed and I know she saw that.  But I questioned if she did.  I was looking for confirmation and once again the Lord did not let me down.  

My wife had a friend that I only met one time in passing.  This friend I heard from my wife was very spiritual and loved God.  My wife showed me a small Cross that her friend gave to her, also other spiritual items.  When my wife was diagnosed with advanced cancer she had this Cross with her through many chemo treatments. But still the question for me remained, did she give her heart to Jesus?  Well, after my wife’s passing I was prompted in my spirit to call her friend to thank her for being there for my wife.  As we talked my wife’s friend told me that she had a vision in a dream where she seen my wife in a pure white robe and was telling her friend what a wonderful place Heaven was!  Her friend told her to go back there and be in peace.  Now one time talking with my daughter she told me that before her mother’s surgery on the 14th of June while she was being prepped for surgery the nurse asked her if she would like to speak to the Chaplin which she said she would.
This for me was the confirmation from the Lord which also proved to what her friend witnessed in her dream.  I believe the Chaplin asked my wife if she would want to ask Jesus into her heart and she did!

My friends, we either believe or we don’t.  As it states in the Bible, “We walk by faith not by sight!”  I pray you all do know Jesus and one day you will be with my wife and I together, where there is no more pain or heartbreak.  Where we will all live together as One and “LOVE” will be our last name!

To God be the glory!


The Testimony of The Car


In April of this year I saw a car sitting on the corner of a Nissan Dealership in Orchard Park, New York.  Every time I would drive by that car I would say to myself, “Self, I like that car!” Did I need another car? No.  Would another car cost money? Sure. But, I liked that car.  Now picture this!  If that car would of been on any other spot in the lot I probably would not of noticed.  But this “used” 2014 Nissan Maxima with 25,000 miles caught my eye.  finally after many trips going by that I got more and more interested.

Finally I stopped and spoke to the sales person who just so happened to sell me my previous two SUV’s, when she worked at a different dealership.  Within a short period of time I was a proud owner of this car.  I told friends and family, “God wanted me to have this car.  He put in right on that spot where I would see it!”  Probably most thought, “Yeah right”! Just like whoever reads this.  Well, until you read to the end of this testimony.

Now lets fast forward five months to September 30th 2019.  I had some things to attend to in Orchard Park and took my 2014 Maxima for I loved riding in this car.  My SUV is a 5 speed manual and driving my automatic Nissan was like heaven to me.  After I took care of paying a bill I stopped at my mechanics to have the air checked in my tires.  One was showing low pressure on my instrument panel.  The owners wife told me her husband would not be back for 10 minutes or so.  I said, “Well, no problem I will wait and we can chat if would like.  And we did.

After leaving my mechanics I was driving down Milestrip Rd. I was stopped at a light with another car in front of me.  Before I knew it there was a loud crash and it was me being hit from behind.  When I looked out my rear view mirror all I could see was my trunk in the shape of a inverted V.  I had my seat belt on and didn’t feel any immediate pain.  A woman came up to my car window and when I rolled it down just kept on saying, “I am sorry, are you OK?”  I told her yes as far as I knew and she told me she wasn’t concentrating on her driving and again apologized. She said, “I am sorry I hit you!”  I smiled and said, “You didn’t hit me, you hit my baby!”  I also told her cars can be fixed or replaced but human lives are more important.

The gentleman that I was pushed into was a young man.  He was calm and very much in control of what happened.  He was driving a BMW.  After we moved the cars to a safe spot off the road he called the police and they in return called the rescue people.  Both the young man and myself were taken to the MAC center to be looked at.  I am not sure what happened to the woman who hit me.  My X-rays turned out negative and I was released.

Now this is where I believe it gets interesting.  Some may believe this, some may not, which is OK.  The evening following the accident as I lay in bed I was thanking God that my soreness had left and that all three of us involved in the accident, as far as I knew, were well.  I also “kind of” said, “Why did this happen to me and this car You brought to me?”  In my heart He replied, “It was not about you but the young man in front of you”.  See, God was telling me if he would would of got hit instead of me, I don’t believe he would of been so lucky.  

Isaiah 55:8( KJV)

8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.

Today I got word that my 2014 Nissan would be totaled.


The Testimony of Sharon

I met Sharon at Autumn View Nursing and Rehab Facility where I present God Love programs.  She was always at all the programs.  She is confined to a wheelchair and I would estimate possibly in her late 60's.  Quite young to be in there compared to most.  One time, not that long ago, after I finished presenting a program when I was visiting with the residents she told me she loved the program, as always, but lately has been feeling dejected with all that she has been going through.  She told me, and I knew to be true when I would see her, that she always tries to be upbeat.  But lately she has been asking God for answers but hasn’t felt His presence.

I asked her if I had promised her a poetry book the last time I talked with her and she said, “Yes, you had but I didn’t want to bother or remind you”.  I told her after I got everything packed up I would see if I had one and give it to her or if not I would bring one to her.  Well, when I looked for her she wasn’t around and I did find her in the dining room having lunch.  She was sitting there with two other women that appeared to be in their eighties or later.  Sharon was just looking so sad. I gave her the book and her face just lit up.  I told her, “Now before you open it I want you to pick a number from 1 to 184”.  She said, “74”! When she opened the poetry book on page #74 was the poem titled “The Answer”!!!  She just kept saying, “Thank you” over and over.  I don’t think she was saying that to me but our awesome God!  Here is the poem:



The Answer

I heard a knock on my heart,
Jesus said, “Are you there?
I wanted to let you know
the Father and I just heard your prayer.

We know what you are going through,
just wanted to let you know it will be all right.
Keep focusing on Us, as you go about your day,
and even throughout your night.

The answer you are looking for,
We will be sending by a friend.
Remember it may not be what you want to hear,
but is what you will really need to mend.

So you will hear many answers,
but look for the one that is so very true.
See the answer will come from the friend’s heart,
for like Me, he loves you too!”

E. P. Shagott


The Testimony of my friend Jim Hilty


I met Jim Hilty when the Lord brought me back to church.  Jim, his wife and I became members of the church at the same time.  Jim was a retired Math teacher and devoted his retirement to his family and church.  He was an Elder and also was in charge of Buildings and Grounds.  He also taught Sunday School and worked dauntlessly along side his wife and other volunteers in the Food Panty whenever needed.  There was no quit in this man!

Jim loved the Lord.  He was 6’3”+in height and had a whelming presence with a hug smile and infectious laugh.  He was blessed with the gift of preaching the Gospel message.  When he was asked to fill in on a given Sunday, due to the Pastor’s absence, Jim would preach a sermon sometimes 45 minutes in length without looking at a piece of paper but using only his Bible and the Holy Spirit’s direction.

In June of 2015 Jim discovered he had pancreatic cancer.  He loved coming to the God’s Love programs.  He would always come up to me after and explain how he was so touched by them.  I remember the last one he came to was in September 2015.  Even though Jim was getting weaker from the cancer battle he was fighting, he came to as special “1500th” program i presented at a family restaurant where we all enjoyed a good meal together after the program.  Jim told me he was so glad he could make it and enjoyed the program plus “every bite” of the dinner!

I miss him but I “do” know I will see him again!

This is a poem the Lord shared with me after visiting my friend Jim in Hospice the day before his mission on earth was completed!

If you would like to read Jim’s final sermon you can view by clicking here!


Life's Mission

For each one of us here
life’s journey is not the same.
The time spent here on earth
could be different by years,
months or even a day.

It is not about the length of time
that each one is given to live.
It is about our life’s mission
that our loving Father
to us did give.

If you stop to think about it
most missions are mainly the same.
We are to reach out to others
teaching, helping and loving,
all in Jesus name.

My friend, Jim, for sure did all that
and sometimes in a humorous way.
He also kept working when others stopped,
and when he preached,
well, he definitely had something to say.

He would say,
as the Spirit flowed through him,
“Do you know Jesus,
did you invite Him into your heart?”
Then Jim would say with love in his eyes,
“If not, then let today be your new start!”

Well, Jim’s life mission is now over
his work here on earth is now complete.
Because of his love and devotion for Jesus,
his heavenly reward
is truly, oh so sweet!

So to his family and friends
I can hear Jim saying today,
please accept and keep Jesus in your hearts
I’ll see you all soon,
somewhere along the way!

E. P. Shagott



The Testimony of Sister Ethel


I once met a man named Paul at Eden Heights Assisted Living Facility in Eden.  He was a heavy set man whom seemed happy when I came to do the God’s Love programs.  He always sat close to the door, probably if he didn’t like the music he could leave quickly.  One day As I was visiting with the residents, after the program, Paul was still there.  He said he wanted to give something to me.  I told him I didn’t take anything for presenting God’s Love. He said, “Hold out your hand” and then put a hand carved Rosary out wood in them.  I said, “Oh, Paul, I am not Catholic.  He smiled and told me, “Well, I know you will find someone who would need one”. I did take it and put it in my computer bag, thanked him, and told him I would do my best.

Several weeks went by and I was at Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph convent.  As I was setting up and as I reached into my computer bag I saw this Rosary.  Hmm, I thought well maybe they could use it here?  When the Activity Director, Michele, came in I asked her if she knew of anyone that could use a Rosary.  She stood perfectly still and said, “Oh my gosh, Sister Ethel as me for of just recently!”

I didn’t see much of Paul after that except for one time when he was at Erie County Home in Alden, NY.  His smile was all but gone.  I told him I was able to give that Rosary to someone.  He didn’t say a word. I wonder if he will ever understand that simple act of kindness that he did affected someone’s life immensely!






The Testimony of Ruth

I met Ruth early in the God’s Love Outreach Ministry.  I was at one of the Presbyterian Homes in Buffalo, NY, doing a program when Ruth was wheeled into the activity room.  Ruth could not use her hands, they would just lay flat, so she relied on help to get her through the day.  She was an elderly woman I would think in her early 80’s with a smile that would melt anyone’s heart.  It sure did mine.

She told one time that she had her hair done just for me!  As I would be doing the program she would smile and wink at me.  After the program was complete the activity people would pass out a bag of chips and a soft drink to all.  Of course Ruth’s just sat there.

On occasion I would go visit her.  I took her a Cross that also you could use to add a picture or a saying and hang it.  I put in there the saying “God loves you and so do I!”

One day after a visit with her I came back home and was inspired with this poem.  God bless!


God’s Wounded

With bones that are frail
and muscles that are weak,
God's wounded look for answers
and comfort they seek.

With movement that is limited
and not many places to go,
God's wounded days seem longer
filled with boredom, you know.

With eyesight that's failing
and hearing that's lost,
God's wounded look for something
which is found at the cross.

For life still has meaning
and still precious you see,
for God's wounded now need help,
they need you and me.

Someday you might be wounded
and be looking above
now one of God's wounded
you'll also be, looking for love.

E. P. Shagott

The Testimony of Rescue

One month prior to losing my beloved pet Buddy, passed on September 27th, 2010, the Lord told me I was getting another dog and to name it Rescue.  I was so attached to the one I had for 14 years I boldly shook my finger at God and said, “Don’t tell me this, You know how much I love this one!”

I was at Fox Run doing a program in December and for some unknown reason I was there a half hour earlier than normal. The hairdresser at Fox Run walked in with this dog on a leash. She stopped by me and asked if I was looking for a dog? I said, “No, I am still grieving over the loss of one”. She told me the story that her friends daughter found this dog on a road in West Virginia. She was hunting in the woods and came up on a road and saw this dog sitting there.

This girl that found the dog was going to West Virginia University and was on Thanksgiving break. She called her Mom and asked what should she do? Her Mom who lives in Orchard Park, NY told her to make sure that homes around the area wasn't looking for a lost dog and if not, because there were no tags, to take it to a vet and have it checked for a chip maybe. If all that didn't work to bring it up at Christmas break and they could find it maybe a home up here!

I told the hairdresser that I wasn't interested but it was an awesome story. After I did the program and I was putting my equipment away she came back, through. I stopped and looked at the dog. the dog looked at me and I told the hairdresser "yes" I would take the dog. Yep, I named her "Rescue" as I was told. Also I tell people when I tell that story that I can see the Lord putting Rescue on the road, petting her on the head and saying, "Someone is coming for you!”

When I took her to the vet to be checked the vet figured she was about 6 months old. For her birthday I picked April 1st but believe me it is no April Fools.


There are so many stories of how Rescue touched the hearts of so many residents that she visited all because of my love and obedience to the Lord! One I can remember is taking Rescue to a nursing home in Hamburg.  I was on the 2nd floor visiting with residents and one woman said “Doggie”!!  Many of the nurses at the nursing station close by and also walking by were just in shock.  See, that was the first word anyone heard from her since she was there.

I was blessed with these two poems inspired by Buddy and Rescue!  God Bless!



My Buddy
(12/25/1996 – 9/27/2010)

I lost a special friend today,
my heart was broke in two.
A special friend that was sent from God,
special, because no other would do.

Everything about him,
just fit me to a tee.
Ten pounds of love and obedience,
that was made just for me.

Oh, I know cute friends like him,
will probably come and then have to go.
But this one was oh so special,
that’s why I loved him so.

So now I have just the memories,
praise to God, they will get me through.
How awesome a God He is,
for He knew only “my Buddy” would do!

E. P. Shagott


Rescue Me

Rescue me!
I cried above,
please send my broken heart,
someone to love.

The more I hurt,
the more I grieve,
Lord up above,
please rescue me!

Then within His moment
He said, “It’s done.
For when you hurt,
I hurt too, My special one!

So here is Rescue,
from Me to you,
her mission is,
to get you through.

She’ll ease the pain,
and brighten your heart.
Just love her like I loved you,
I always have right from the start!

So anytime your heart is broken,
and no happiness you see,
just look up above and say,
Lord, please rescue me!”

E. P. Shagott

The Testimony of Cheryl

I met Cheryl when I started taking my dog Rescue to Father Baker Manor for pet visits.  Cheryl was confined to a bed for 15 plus years.  She also lost her left hand and arm just below the elbow.    When I would bring Rescue into her room her beautiful blue eyes would just light up.  Her bed was by the window so her left side was facing me.  I would pick Rescue up (her bed was about three feet elevated from the floor) and hold her close so Cheryl could pet her. Cheryl would reach around with her right hand, smile and talk to rescue as she petted her soft ears.

Now Rescue is a part beagle and part Cocker Spaniel. She weighs around 25 pounds so the longer I held her the more she would wiggle and my arms would start weakening.  After I set Rescue down I would then hold her hand and we would talk.  She always was concerned that I would overdo with the outreach ministry programs and the Rescue visits.  Before I would leave I would pray with her and each one take turns leading in the Lord’s Prayer from visit to visit.  Cheryl would always say during our time together, “I don’t know what I would do without Jesus!”

One time I was home practicing for an upcoming program with my friend Tim.  I asked Tim if he would mind if we could sing to Cheryl over the phone?  He was all for it.  See, because of being bedridden Cheryl could not come to any of the programs.  

I thank God for bringing Cheryl into my life and the time we did spend together.  Cheryl went home to be with Jesus at the age of 68.




The Testimony of Dorothy

I was at Eden Heights Assisted Living Facility in Eden, NY, and did a God’s Love program.  I can’t remember the exact month or program theme but believe it was about 8 years ago.  After I presented the musical program to the residents I went to each one to tell them that God loves them and so do I.  

The very last person I came to was a woman named Dorothy.  She had tears streaming down her face.  when I asked her what the matter was she told me, “I don’t want to go to Hell!”  

At first I was taken back for this was I encountered someone in this much distress.  For sure I knew that I was presenting God’s Love and letting all know “they are loved and not forgotten”.  I asked Dorothy if she knew Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior and she said, “I am not sure anymore”.  I asked her if she would like to say the Sinner’s Prayer” with me and she, crying said, “Oh yes, please”.  I took her hand in mine and we said the Sinner’s Prayer, I spoke then she repeated after me.

Each month that I would go to Eden Heights to present a program I would see Dorothy. she never missed a program.  She very seldom smiled but I could see her face changing each month.  One month when I was there doing a program Dorothy wasn’t there.  The next month when I came she was and after the program came up to me to apologized for missing a program.  She said, “I have something to tell you.  I couldn’t come because I was with Hospice.  You see I have been informed by my doctor I have an aggressive cancer and there is nothing they could do for me”.

Now my friends please grab onto this part of the testimony.  This time Dorothy took my hand in hers and said, “It doesn’t matter!” and she said it with a beautiful smile on her face. A month after Dorothy went to be with the Lord her roommate came and told me that Dorothy told her the last two weeks of her life were the most peaceful that she ever knew.

See, God was showing me the fruit of my obedience to Him and the love He has for “all” His children.  This is a poem I was inspired to write about Dorothy. God bless!


A Poem For Dorothy

I met a woman through God's love
and Dorothy was her name.
Ever since the day we met
our lives were not the same.

Dorothy was lost and confused,
on her heart she had something to tell.
With tears streaming down her face,
she said, "I don't want to go to hell!"

I took her hand in mine
and asked if Jesus she knew?
She looked me in the eyes and said,
"I'm not sure if I do!"

We said the sinners prayer together,
then I shared with her God's love.
Neither one of us will be the same,
all because of the Father above.

E. P. Shagott


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