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“From God’s Heart, To Mine, To Yours!”


A six volume series printed in paperback form, 575 heartfelt poems to touch the hearts of those in need.  Each book contains 90 to 100+ poems.

May your hearts be touched reading them as mine was writing them.  Click on Volume # to select each book.

Ed Shagott Founder and Director God’s Love Outreach Ministry

Vol #1.jpg

“Volume #1”


Ever since the 1990’s, the Lord has been inspiring me with poems. In the beginning I did not realize, how it was Him speaking to my heart, with a message for others. As my walk with Him strengthened, because my love for Him grew, I understood more the importance of keeping my eyes off myself and become a living example, of what the true love of Christ is all about. May you find these poems a special path to bring you in a closer relationship with Him.

Isaiah 29:13 And Jehovah said, Because this people draw near Me with their mouth, and with their lips honor Me, but have removed their heart far from Me…

Not me Lord, not me!

Ed Shagott

“Volume #1”


Ever since the 1990’s, the Lord has been inspiring me with poems. In the beginning I did not realize, how it was Him speaking to my heart, with a message for others. As my walk with Him strengthened, because my love for Him grew, I understood more the importance of keeping my eyes off myself and become a living example, of what the true love of Christ is all about. May you find these poems a special path to bring you in a closer relationship with Him.

Isaiah 29:13 And Jehovah said, Because this people draw near Me with their mouth, and with their lips honor Me, but have removed their heart far from Me…

Not me Lord, not me!

Ed Shagott

1990 – 2001 (21)

Thank You Lord
What’s Happening Here
My Parents
To My Mother
For My Dad
Comfort Zone
Those Special Few
The Interview
What About Me
You Don’t Know Me
Crisis 2000
Magic Wand
‘Twas The Night Before Christmas
Givers and Taker’s
Perfect World
I, Need Your Help Today, Lord
To My Friends
Another 365 Days Gone By


2002 - 2003 (6)

I Asked God If He Had An Angel
The Honeymoon Song
People Like You
Goodbye “Flying D”
It’s Time To Come Home
Live Each Day With Love

                2004 (7)


As He Looks Into My Heart
It Hurts
I’ll Remember
God’s Wounded
It’s Friends Like You
Christmas Angel

                2005 (20)


From A Friend
As I Walked Into Heaven
Special For My Friends
What Would You Pay
Welcome Home
I said A Prayer
I Hope
I Try
Joe’s Ride Home
Do You Understand
On A Hill Far Away
The Art Of Peeing
Too Old And Now Too Good
Life Is Like Making Chili
Special Christmas Gift
My Special List
You Were On My Mind Today
I Love You, He Said
My Friend Darlyne

2006 (7)

Her Eyes Said It All
God Gave Me A Heart
Some Days
Phone Call
The Next Time We’re Together
`Twas The Month We Celebrate Christmas
Another Email

                  2007 (14)

My Eyes Gazed At The Cross
It Was Never About This Life
When Words Just Aren’t Good Enough
I’m Talking To You
A Friend Called Joyous
Your Tiny Angel
I Want To Be Like Him
Jesus Came To My House
May Your
My Wish For You
I Am Sorry
May This Day
A New Angel Arrived In Heaven Today
Remembering Bill’s Snow White Goatee


                   2008 (10)

The Heart
Throne Of Grace
The Lord Needed A Magician
Forgive Me
Happy Birthday To Me
A Welcome And A Smile
I Just Want You To Know
Sitting In The Same Pew
The Warrior
Did I Tell You, “Thank You Lord”

                  2009 (8)


The Chicken In The Coupe
Running Out Of Time
Back To Calvary
Closer To The Lord
The Pastor
Cat, Dogs And Love
Do You Feel His Presence?

Vol #2.jpg

“Volume #2”


 Who would of thought, that at this stage in my life, I would have a fruitful outreach ministry, and writing poems, His poems, which He can reach into the hearts of people and will bring them closer to Himself. I wouldn’t of thought, but He knew all along. He was just waiting for me. I pray this book, Volume 2, will bring all who read His words, to know Him better, or for some just to know Him.
 1Peter 4:11 If anyone speaks, let it be as the words of God. If anyone ministers, let him do it as of the ability which God gives, so that God may be glorified in all things through Jesus Christ, to whom is the glory, and the might forever and ever. Amen.
 May these poems bring glory to His Holy name.
 Ed Shagott

        More from 2008 (1)

Life’s Seasons
         June 2009 (3)

Some Pictures From God
 It’s Jesus
 The Hands of the Clock
        July 2009 (2)

The Leader
 This Man Named Mike
        August 2009 (4)

We Are to be His Eyes, Ears,  Hands and Feet
 The Quiet Gentleman
 For you Mindy
 Please Let Me Use
      September 2009 (4)

Another One Gone
 The Morning Of September 12th
 45 Is Just A Number
 I Was
        October 2009 (5)

Special Pumpkin
 The Use of a Talent
 A Friend’s Seasons
 A Special Hug
 What More Can I Do
       November 2009 (3)

Touch Someone For Me
 He Is the Light
 My Thoughts
      December 2009 (8)


The Face in the Mirror

Jesus Is Hope
What a Friend I Have In Jesus
 Final Journey
 The Baby Cried
 What Can It Be
 Planting Seeds
 Then and Now
        January 2010 (8)

May This Be The Year
I Am Someone Special
It Is All About Love
Satan Came To Church Today
New Through Christ
God’s Gift
If Only You Will See
Grab Hold

           February 2010 (8)

Modern Day Disciple
 Whispers of Love
 Being Humble
 Are You Ready
 The Key
 Please Stay
 A Frenchman Entered Heaven
              March 2010 (3)

Fruit From The Cross
 Your Purpose
               April 2010 (4)

He Is Always There
 And God Created Woman
 The Christian Hurts
 The Robe
                May 2010 (11)

The Lonely Road
 “d”epression Came To My House
 God Created “A Mom”
 He Is The One
 The Task
 Jesus and Me
 It Was Not Me
 It’s About Him
 Think About Me
 When Life Keeps Giving You Lemons
 Remember Me
                    June 2010 (12)

Broken and Victorious
 My Decision
 Another Day
 Before and After
 I Took It All For Granted
 Life’s Rivers
 A Dad Entered Heaven
 Jesus Is The Way
 It's Up To You
Show Them, Touch Them, Reach Them Lord
 God Is Waiting For You To Choose
            July 2010 (16)

To All My Family and Friends
 It Had To Start Somewhere
 The Test
 The Son’s Light
 The Eyes of the World
 An Alphabetic Poem To God
 The Rivers of Grief
 It Is What It Is
 My Daily Prayer
 The Bridge
 Happy Birthday
 Behold His Hands
 Reach Into God's Toolbox
 I Can't Do It For You
 The Ashes of Life
 Here I Am Again Lord

Vol #3.jpg

“Volume #3”


 Touching a life for the Kingdom, how awesome that is. Allowing God’s poetic words to reach into the heart of someone else, all because I love Him. I pray this book, Volume 3, for all who read it will fully understand it was His words and not mine. All I can take credit for is the obedience part and the love connection between God’s heart and mine. I love reading in John’s gospel, the 21st chapter, where Jesus is asking Simon Peter if he loves Him? What is your answer to Jesus? I know what mine is and I would answer just as Peter did.

John 21:15 Then when they broke fast, Jesus said to Simon Peter, Simon, son of Jonah, do you love Me more than these? He said to Him, Yes, Lord, You know that I love You. He said to him, Feed My lambs.

John 21:16 He said to him the second time, Simon, son of Jonah, do you love Me? He said to Him, Yes, Lord, You know that I love You. He said to him, Feed My sheep.

John 21:17 He said to him the third time, Simon, son of Jonah, do you love Me? Peter was grieved because He said to him a third time, Do you love Me? And he said to Him, Lord, You know all things, You know that I love You. Jesus said to him, Feed My sheep.

May this book of poems reinforce your love for Him or help you start a journey of love with Him.


Ed Shagott

         August 2010 (8)

In the Shadows Of Life
When You Look At Me
I Want To
The Edge Of Heaven
Christ Lives Within Me
All Eyes Were On Him
I Felt Jesus
I Sing

      September 2010 (38)


Here Is My Heart
Surrender To Him
The Choice Is Up To You
A Sinner Knocked On Heaven’s Door
Best Wishes On Your Birthday
Teach Me
My Life Is Being Tried
Through The Flesh Or The Spirit
Eyes Of Faith
An Empty Container
God Is In Control
He Is With Us
Pray Without Ceasing
With His Last Breath
Three Thousand Plus Souls
Is About
Wait, Just Wait
The Debt Was Paid
Our Daily Battle’s
For God Is Always There
In Him
Where He Leads Me
The Church
Life’s Storms
People Like You And Me
His Message, Is In The Poem
Your Soul Belongs To Him
Jesus Is Waiting On You
My Buddy
Grieve And Believe
Mending A Broken Heart
God’s Heart
Through His Eyes
In His Grace
I Need


          October 2010 (40)

For You
Sunday To Sunday
Our Daily Battles
I Can’t Do It Alone
I Live By Faith
We Are As One
My Heart Cried Out
A Prayer
God Is Good
You Can Have What I Have
I Really Need You Now Lord
I Am With You My Child
I Have A Heart For God
The Race
Are You Ready To Receive
Trust Is A Must
The Fire Within
The Blessing
Submit And Commit
A Heavy Heart
Victory Through Jesus
Little By Little
I Am So Blessed
I Waited
Another One For Christ
What Do You See
Praise To God
A Family Of One
Hear My Prayer, Lord
I Weep For The Wasted Years
A Child Of God
If We Will Only
Follow Me
A Life With Jesus
It Was Me
God’s Task
God Did Not Leave Us Alone
What Makes It Great


Vol #4.jpg

“Volume #4”


 As I was listing the poems for the table of contents page I discovered that I was blessed with (51) poems in November and (49) in December. Wow! Talk about "Doing the math"! God was busy speaking His mind to me those two months. Just reading through the title's gave me "goose bumps"! Wow! Yes, with Him I use that word a lot.
 So after listing the (100) poem titles I said, "Lord, give me Your Word to share. Touch their hearts with "wows" as you touch mine".
 Then He took me to Genesis 6:6 And Jehovah repented that He had made man on the earth, and He was angry to His heart.
 Ok, now picture this! Rewind back to Genesis chapter 1 verse 26 and 27; And God said, Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the heavens, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over all the creepers creeping on the earth. Now read the first sentence in verse 28, And God blessed them.
 In Genesis 6:6 because of man and woman’s heart turned against their creator, they rejected His love, “He was angry to His heart!”
 My friends, praise God that He didn't stop there. Praise God that He had Noah! You can read about that in verse 8! Wow! Does God find favor in you? I pray with this book of poems you see what He sees in me. Love!
 May this book of poems reinforce your love for Him or help you start a journey of love with Him.
 Ed Shagott

     November 2010 (51)
God Most High
 The Answer
 The Pain
 His Blessings Flow
 God's Measuring Stick
 Choose Or Loose
 The Way Out
 Share If You Care
 Be Silent And Still
 Why Do I Love Him
 Give To Him
 The Father Of The Faithful
 On My Knees
 The Son-light
 The Mission
 God's Timing
 Veterans Day 2010
 Forever Wounded
 He Has What We Need
 Freely He Gives
 What Are You Choosing
 The Many Parts Of Faith
 True Rest
 God's Love
 How Can This Still Be
 The Victory
 Choose Wisely
 Within An Instant
 The Master And The Servant
 A Healthy Christian
 Tell Them For Me
 The Treasures Of Heaven
 Be Nice To Someone
 The Cries To Heaven
 God Thank You For Today
 Check It Out
 What Can I Do For You
 What I Want For You
 Nothing Comes Close To God
 Vic's Poem
 I Thank Him
 The Day After Thanksgiving
 At The Feet Of Jesus
 A Hug
 It's Me Again
 I Need To Talk Lord
 My Heart Is Now In Heaven
 How Well Do You Know Me
 Where Is Jesus
 They Came One Day
 God's Turning Up The Heat

      December 2010 (49)
Come To My Ark
 For Dave, A Friend Of Mine
 Wit's End
 The Mirror Of My Soul
 Holiday Times
 What Would Jesus Do
 God Knows Best
 What Will You Be Doing This Christmas
 The Hurting, The Lost, And The Cross
 My Daily Rest
 The Glow Of Grace
 Whatever Door God Opens
 The Best Present
 Easy As One, Two, Three
 Having A Bad Day
 This Side Of Heaven
 I Am In Christ's Army
 A Christmas Without You
 Jesus Winked
 He Chose Us
 There Lies Life's Key
 Why Not I
 Waiting For Us All
 Reach Out For Me
 Stand Firm Till The End
 My Christmas Song 2010
 Life Is A Decision
 The Pit
 What If They Came To Your House
 Just A Bump In The Road
 A Broken Heart
 Reach Out As Far As You Can
 The Flame Of Love
 Let's Get Serious
 Walking Together for Jesus
 Picture Him
 A Christmas Lesson
 May This Be A Different Christmas
 Another Christmas
 Did Anyone See Jesus
 Christmas Day 2010
 The Day After Christmas
 Another Year
 Walk This Way
 May I Be
 A Knock On My Hearts Door
 He Lovingly Kissed My Soul
 Father In Heaven
 Rescue Me

Vol #5.jpg

“Volume #5”


  Another book of "His" poems. Another chance to touch a life through His love. Did you ever stop to think why He loves you? Do you believe there is a God? Do you believe that God has a Son named, Jesus? Do you believe that Jesus died on the cross for yours and my sins? Do you believe that when Jesus arose from the grave and returned to be with His Father, that He sent the Holy Spirit to reside in each of us?
 My friends in the last four questions you will find the same word, "believe!"
 Mark 11:24 Therefore I say to you, All things, whatever you ask, praying, believe that you shall receive them, and it will be to you.
 Mark 1:14-15 And after John was delivered up, Jesus came into Galilee, proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom of God,
 and saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God draws near. Repent, and believe the gospel.
 If you can replace the last four questions with "I", in place of "Do you", and repent, then the Kingdom of God will be within you.
 May your spiritual hearts be open to receive what God is speaking to you through His Word and these "His" poems.
 Ed Shagott


       January 2011 (39)
 Listen To Me
 I Am A Past Sinner
 God's Moments
 When God Looks At Me
 The New Year Has Started
 It Will Be OK
 Life's Storms
 My Crystal Tears
 God Has The Last Word
 Long Days
 You Were Always There For Me
 The End Is The Beginning
 We Are All The Same
 Finally Home
 Our Furry Friends
 I Am Waiting
 Good Morning Loving Heart
 See The Love Within Me
 A Precious Gift
 A Mother's Arms
 Live To Believe
 Touch A Life
 I Looked For You
 A Difficult Season
 God Is Talking To You Today
 I Want It All
 Broken Hearts Take Time To Mend
 Will You Be Coming To My House
 Going Back To The Cross
 I Looked For You In Church Today
 Walking This Lonely Land
 When All Was Lost
 It's Not Too Late
 Is There Something I can Do
 The Heart Of Christ
 I Am Patiently Waiting
 Broken And Wounded
 Its Not About Me But Thee
 Life Is About Loving


       February 2011 (38)
 Oh Precious Savior
 Use Me Lord
 Time Is Wasting
 He Made My Day Interesting
 It is Written
 Happy Birthday, Sue
 May You Always Be
 Do You Have Time For Him
 Walk Closely With Jesus Today
 Speak To Them For Me
 Man Of God
 Jesus Is The Key
 Cats, Dogs And Love
 May It Not Be Too Late
 This Message Is For You
 Has God Got Your Attention
 Get Your Eyes Off Yourself
 Rejoice And Learn
 I Will Follow You
 Do You Know Me
 Broken Heart, Healed Heart
 Winning Through My Sufferings
 I Thought Of You Today
 Meet Me At The Cross
 I Came Back To The Cross Today
 Each Day Is Different
 Get Down On Your Knees
 My Hearts Just For You
 Be Blessed Today
 While The Preacher Was Preaching
 He Touched My Soul
 Which Way Are You Going
 He Is Waiting For You
 Why Do I Do It
 When It Is All Said and Done
 One Day
 Today Is Sunday
 To And Fro
        March 2011 (28)
 Get Behind Me satan
 Be Blessed This Day
 As I Go Along My Way
 When I Look Back
 Some Say
 The Shepherd
 Remembering The Scheffler's
 Not When But Where
 He Is With You
 Why the Smile
 The Gift
 Nothing More
 Wait On Him
 A Love Just For Me
 Jesus Is The Light
 We Shall Not Be Always
 It Doesn't Matter Lord
 What Can I Do
 Life Is A Collection Of Memories
 Our Great Physician
 One Nail That I Hold
 His Fire Within
 The Love Of Jesus
 The Day Was Coming
 Be Not Afraid Only Believe
 A Message From The Great Physician
 Face The Facts

Vol #6.jpg

“Volume #6”


  Seedtime. Finally after 22 1/2 years the Lord's poetry seeds have been planted. 574 poems He planted in my heart, so I would plant them in as many hearts that would be willing to read what He was saying to me to be shared. Genesis 8:22 “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease”.
 Now what is left is the harvest. See even before I gave control of my life to the Lord in 1997, He was speaking to me with His wonderful poems. I didn't know but He knew that I would be faithful in fulfilling His request of me. In total He gave me 6 volumes. If you look back at the early volumes, you will see that in some months He gave me just a few poems, and when He had me ready, it would increase to a high of 51 for the month of November 2010.
 In the story of the talents found in Matthew 25:23, His lord said unto him, “Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord”.
 See, I did not wait for the harvest before finishing what God wanted me to do. My job was to plant the "seeds", He will bring it all to harvest.
 Ed Shagott


             April 2011 (19)

The Book Of Life
 God's Day Is Upon Us
 I Came Upon
 Get Up And Rest
 The Wish
 Is Just A Mere Bag Of Shells
 Lost Angels
 In A Blink Of An Eye
 The Robe Of Rightness
 One Day Soon
 As I Look At The Cross
 If You See Me
 When Tears Flowed From The Cross
 Why Is It
 My New Life Begins Today
 Do Not Be Distracted
 Where Is God
 The Fighter
          May 2011 (16)

The Loss Of A Loved One
 You Decide
 Fight On
 Do You Love Me
 Jesus, Jesus, Precious Jesus
 Just Let Go
 Not A Day Worth Living
 The Day Of Reckoning
 Life Is A Choice
 Woe Is Me
 Why Did They Do It
 Cries From Within
 On This Day
 I Was There
           June 2011 (8)

Life's Meaning
 How Can I Go Wrong
 A Miracle
 Try Again
 Time For A Tear
 Wonderful Place (Bob's Song)
 Heading Home
             July 2011 (9)

Love Flows
 Time Is Short
 A Fine Line
 You Can Make A Difference
 Look Up
 The Powers In You
 In Jesus Name
 Trust In Him


          August 2011 (1)

The Empty Swing
        September 2011 (3)

What Are You Waiting For
 There Will Come A Time
 A Year Went By
         October 2011 (9)

You Came To Me
 Sooner Than Later
 I'm Thinking Of You
 Jesus Has My Back
 You Showed Us All
 Grab On To Him
 Life Changes
 A Minute To Win It
 I Gave
         November 2011 (9)

Will There Be Birthdays In Heaven
 I Am Thinking Of You
 I Have A Friend
 When It Rains It Pours
 Those Not As Lucky As Me
 Every Morning
 The Golden Guitar
And He Walks With Me, And He Talks With Me
 An Angel Message
          December 2011 (6)

God U R 4 Me
 Life's Many Obstacles
 The Final Battle
 A Mom Entered Heaven
 Why Not You
 The Animals Really Knew
       September 2012 (1)

Happy Anniversary, Jeanne
         October 2012 (2)

My Far Away Friend
        November 2012 (3)

Your Vote
 In Just A Moment
 He Is There
        December 2012 (3)

Blessed Memories
 Daniel Peter Olczak
 Happy New Year, You Choose
          January 2013 (2)

A New Year Poem For You
 Goodbye Poem
              Others (9)

Three Crosses And A Heart
 Lord, What Can I Do For You
 What I Have He Gave
 A Poem For Dorothy
 For My Facebook Friends
 Friends Don't Forget Friends
 How Do I Believe
 I Want More Of Jesus
 On The Way To The Cross                    Going Back

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