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25 years and counting! ~ {Jun}

Updated: Aug 22, 2022


The forever days! ~ June 24th, 2022

Forever Days

There will always be forever days

that stay with you from the start.

Days that love ones come into our lives

and then also the days they do depart.

Each one will be remembered

for etched into our hearts they will always be.

For sure we all want the happy days

but in life also many painful ones you will see.

So how do we get through the painful ones,

when our loved ones we no longer can see.

What is the secret to enduring those forever days,

there never seems to be an end to be.

Well, for me the answer is, God.

See, He is always there with us everyday,

He is the TRUE meaning of “LIFE”,

just as in the Bible it does say.

Yes, He is the Creator, our Heavenly Father,

Who by His hand He gives and takes away.

Our earthy life is just temporary,

Eternity is our true forever days!

So the moral of this poem is

to just live this life day by day.

See, it was given for us to choose,

where in Eternity will we stay?

E. P. Shagott


So the moral of the blog and the poem is we have a choice. If you notice on the picture above, the 3 words that stand out are , Soul, Choose and JESUS! As I am nearing "80" years of age I am more aware how fast this life goes by. I am so grateful that, as I believe, there is an Eternity. But it is a choice I have to make. I did! I also live my days on this earth directed by God's plan, not man's. Oh, there will be both joy and pain, tears and laughter while my feet are on this earth. But one day, maybe soon, the tears and pain will end. Yep, to God be the glory!

So for now until I get to my true forever days, this is just my "Temporary Home"!

God's love and grace to you all!


The true Father's Day!! ~ June 19th, 2022

Part two for this Father's Day. Two video's that says it all I believe.

and ...

God's love and grace to you all!


A poetic salute to Father's ~ June 19th, 2022

I was thinking of what I could post for Father's Day this year, so I looked back at one year ago to what I posted. Hmm, I thought it should be the same for the thought (and poems) won't change.

May God bless each and every father out there. Also the ones that stepped up and assumed the very challenging and rewarding titled to be called a Dad. For sure we all made mistakes along the way but the main thing was "we tried to do our best!" Well, I tried anyways.

Father’s Day

Matthew 23:9

And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is

your Father, which is in heaven.

Today being Father’s day I was asked

for a poem, about Father’s, that for you I could share.

As I read the many poems God blessed me with

not many did the Lord point out to me there.

So I raised my head above and said,

“Father what is it you want me to read?”

He said, “What name did you call out?”

I said, “Father, because You mean so much to me”!

Then He lovingly touched my heart

and asked, “Tell Me why, is that so?”

I replied, “Whenever I needed You,

You were always there, that’s all I need to know.

Though I displeased You many times

with what I said and may have done,

You never turned Your back to me

but rather called me Your favorite one.

“I know many times I broke Your heart

and from Your teachings I did stray.

But still You were patient and faithful,

still loving me, day after day after day.

So Father, please forgive me,

may my love for You always be strong.

With You always being in my heart

I will always know exactly where I belong.

But Father what do I share in a poem?

I want You to be proud of Your kid!

Then my Father gently kissed my soul and said,

“My son, you just did!!!”

Excerpt From: E. P. Shagott. “From God's Heart, to Mine, to Yours, Trilogy”


What is a Dad, I stopped to ask

on this Father’s Day 2018.

For sure it is more than a title given,

to some men, past, present, future, and to me.

Oh, there are probably many words written

that explain what being a father should be.

But in truth it is about each person individually

trying to do the best they could, you see.

Dads for sure are not perfect,

for in this life, mistakes there will always be.

But what is important is to learn from them,

for they are part of life, you see.

For when the final book of Dad’s lives is written,

and we are before our Heavenly Father above,

He will smile and say, “You did the best you could Dad,

you are a Dad because of your love”!

Excerpt From: E. P. Shagott. “From God's Heart, to Mine, to Yours, Trilogy”

What Is A Dad

As Father’s Day once again appears

thoughts of Dads comes to mind.

I guess it is time again when saying “Dad”

if we look closely what do we find?

Is there more to the title given so many

that may come sometimes by surprise.

Could there be something special of this man

that we couldn’t actually see with our own eyes?

I am thinking of a man hurting inside

for he really wanted and expected to do more.

See deep down that’s all he ever wanted

was to be the best for his family for sure.

For all Dad’s are not the same

and this sometimes is not easy to see.

While for some life seems so easy,

for others it’s a fight just for a Dad to be.

So don’t be too quick to judge,

thank God and for your Dad be glad.

See only the ones that are

can answer “What is a Dad”!

Excerpt From: E. P. Shagott. “From God's Heart, to Mine, to Yours, Trilogy”

A Dad Entered Heaven

A Dad entered Heaven, Jesus met him at the gate. Like all other Dad’s, he was right on time, for no one enters Heaven late.

Jesus said, “Dad, what is it that you did on earth with your time?” The Dad looked up at Jesus and said, “The best I could of what was mine.

I tried to love my wife, with all the love I had. I did the best for my kids, though sometimes they made me mad.

I worked hard every day, sometimes longer than I should. I wanted to provide for my family, the very best way that I could.

But now what I understand, what was most important to me, is that they love You like I do, so together, we once again can be.”

E. P. Shagott 6/17/2010

A Frenchman Entered Heaven

A Frenchman entered Heaven today, Jesus met him at the gate. He said, “Jean, you’re right on time, I knew you wouldn’t be late.

Your time on earth was spent very well, your family loved you so. I know how hurt they are to see you finally go.

I know their hurt will subside, though it will never leave. Your life on earth is now complete, now you’re here with Me.

So come on in, Jean Petrement, your family will be right behind. Eternity waits for everyone, it’s only separated by time.”

E. P. Shagott 2/21/10

God's love and grace to you all!


Same "GRACE"! ~ June 15th, 2022

A friend of mine sent me this video of Glen Campbell singing and playing Amazing Grace on the bagpipes. For sure he was a very talented man.

Dolly Parton said, after his death, that most people knew about his wonderful voice, but his musical ability to play almost any instrument was not as well known. I never imagined that would include the bagpipes. This is all the more poignant because he was suffering from Alzheimer's at the end of his life, but apparently never lost his musical ability.

Now what God put on my heart to show and speak of was a video that He blessed me with of myself singing this awesome hymn. Yes, the same "GRACE" that Mr. Campbell sang about and touched his heart is the ONE that I sing about. Many, many years ago I bought a new printer and with it came a CD titled "Cool Karaoke"! for a long time I never paid attention to it and had it sitting away in my desk drawer. For some unknown reason, unknown to me but not God, I never threw it away and never looked at it. Well one day I (God decided) to open it and one of the songs on the CD was Amazing Grace. I have sung this version many times in nursing homes and Assisted Living facilities reassuring the residents that God loves them and has not and will not forsake them.

He Touched My Soul

I never thought that anyone could ever make me whole, then I felt His divine presence and He touched my soul.

He changed my life completely in ways you may never know, all because of His love for me, He touched my soul.

He filled what was missing, He mended what was broke, He reached within my inner being and touched my soul with one stroke.

Now I am complete, no longer a part but a whole, my life really began the moment He touched my soul!

E. P. Shagott 2/21/2011

Well, one more video I want to share in closing is "Believe". This my friends is the key to the same "GRACE" that glen Campbell and I sang about in two different video's. Yep, as some of the lyrics state in this song, "you can't tell me it all ends in a slow ride in a hearse!"

God's love and grace to you all!


Show and tell! ~ June 9th, 2022

I can always remember when as a youngster going to school and there would be a show and tell day. Well, for me being an introvert I was never excited about that for sure but I got through it the best I could. Now here I am, now an "oldster" and the Lord has called me to once again, show and tell. The subject is always about Him and His Word. About His love and grace for all.

While looking through some of my "not published yet" poems I found this one titled "There Will Come A Time"! For sure an excellent message to show and tell.

The amazing blessing I found from God is there is always something to share about Him. Father, Son and Holy Spirit never get old. If someone gets tired of hearing about or from Them, it is because your heart is hardened. My friends I pray that will never be the case.

Grab on to Him for "He is God!"

Well, for sure there is nothing that can't be done by "Me and God"! Yes He's my Father, He's my Friend. He is the beginning and the end.

God's love and grace to you all!


Flame on! ~ June 7th, 2022

As I was looking through some of God's many, many poems that I have been blessed with, I came upon two that came to mind after seeing a picture posted on Facebook this morning. The message in the picture is about completing the race we are called to run for Jesus. The two poems that came to mind were both inspired and written over 11 years ago. The first one is titled "The Race" and the 2nd is titled "The Fire Within". I feel both tie in with each other for without Christ's fire inside me I would be running a worldly race, not a Kingdom race.

Ever since I surrendered my life to Him, the fire rages on. For sure the enemy throws a lot at me for he does not want me in this race. He would rather I join the "me, me, me", one. Grab for all you can and not to worry about the ones you crush or hurt getting there. Well, we each choose which race we want to be in.

I love this song, "Amazing Grace ~ My Chains Are Gone"! Yes, they are. Those worldly chains will weigh you down, my friends.

God's love and grace to you all!


Expertise and experience, that's expensive! ~ June 6th, 2022

I have seen this story before but always needs repeating. I truly believe because of technology more and more we will be seeing less and less of "expertise and experience".

A giant ship's engine broke down and no one could repair it, so they took it to a Mechanical Engineer with over 40 years of experience.

He inspected the engine very carefully, from top to bottom. After seeing everything, the engineer unloaded the bag and pulled out a small hammer.

He knocked something gently. Soon, the engine came to life again. The engine has been fixed!

7 days later the engineer mentioned that the total cost of repairing the giant ship was $ 10,000 to the ship owner.

"What?" said the owner.

"You did almost nothing. Give us a detailed bill."

The answer is simple:

Tap with a hammer: $ 2

Know where to knock & how much to knock: $ 9,998

Lessons to Learn:

The importance of appreciating one's expertise and experience ... Until The words "it's easy" and "that's all", should be set aside. Why? Because maybe the experience is the result of struggles, experiments and even tears.

(If I can finish a job in 30 minutes, it's because I spent 10 years learning how to do it in 30 minutes. You paid me for those 10 years, not 30 minutes).

I will always remember sitting in a doctor's office and was told I should follow a certain strict diet. When I asked what that would be the doctor excused herself and went into her office. Went online and printed out the diet. When she came back in and gave it to me I mentioned all she had to do was give me the internet address.

Also I believe this video and poem tells a sad story for today's times. Harder to find jobs where one can get expertise and experience.

I guess this song kind of says it all, "Que, Sera, Sera!"

God's love and grace to you all!

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