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25 years and counting! ~ {Jul}

Updated: Aug 22, 2022


God is talking to you, are you listening? ~ July 31st, 2022

><((((º>.•´¯`•.¸¸><((((º> ¸.•´¯`•.¸¸><((((º>.•´¯`•.¸¸><((((º>

I saw this image on Facebook and thought what an interesting way to start of a video highlighting a few of God's poems from each of His published poetry books that I have been inspired to create into a video, well, three videos, one for each book.

From God's Heart, to Mine, to Yours! (Book #1)

More, From God's Heart, to Mine, to Yours! (Book #2)

From God's Heart, to Mine, to Yours, Trilogy! (Book #3)

I always find it interesting how God chose me to be blessed to pen over 700 of His poems. Each one I believe has a message to each of us. Just as with the Bible, His Holy Word. I also find it interesting how so many ignore the Word of God but I do understand that "one day" every knee will bow and confess Jesus is truly Lord!

Yes, Word of God Speak!

God's love and grace to you all!


The power of testimony! ~ July 25th, 2022

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Yesterday when I was in church a friend of mine and brother in Christ was asked to give a testimony of what happened with him during the past week or so. After, the Pastor meant the importance of hearing different testimonies from those that want to share with others. As I was thinking of this it brought to my mind the numerous ones I have shared and also some posted here on my website. {testimony ( ˈtɛstɪmənɪ) n, pl -nies 1. a declaration of truth or fact}

Well, I want to share this one from my website ( of my friend and brother in Christ, Jim Hilty. It seems like only yesterday that we were serving the Lord together, reaching out sharing God's love.

The Testimony of my friend Jim Hilty

I met Jim Hilty when the Lord brought me back to church. Jim, his wife and I bec of my friend and brother in Christ, Jim Hilty. It seems like only yesterday that we were serving the Lord together, reaching out sharing God'd also was in charge of Buildings and Grounds. He also taught Sunday School and worked dauntlessly along side his wife and other volunteers in the Food Panty whenever needed. There was no quit in this man! Jim loved the Lord. He was 6’3”+in height and had a whelming presence with a hug smile and infectious laugh. He was blessed with the gift of preaching the Gospel message. When he was asked to fill in on a given Sunday, due to the Pastor’s absence, Jim would preach a sermon sometimes 45 minutes in length without looking at a piece of paper but using only his Bible and the Holy Spirit’s direction. In June of 2015 Jim discovered he had pancreatic cancer. He loved coming to the God’s Love programs. He would always come up to me after and explain how he was so touched by them. I remember the last one he came to was in September 2015. Even though Jim was getting weaker from the cancer battle he was fighting, he came to as special “1500th” program i presented at a family restaurant where we all enjoyed a good meal together after the program. Jim told me he was so glad he could make it and enjoyed the program plus “every bite” of the dinner! I miss him but I “do” know I will see him again! This is a poem the Lord shared with me after visiting my friend Jim in Hospice the day before his mission on earth was completed! If you would like to read Jim’s final sermon you can view by clicking here! Life's Mission For each one of us here life’s journey is not the same. The time spent here on earth could be different by years, months or even a day. It is not about the length of time that each one is given to live. It is about our life’s mission that our loving Father to us did give. If you stop to think about it most missions are mainly the same. We are to reach out to others teaching, helping and loving, all in Jesus name. My friend, Jim, for sure did all that and sometimes in a humorous way. He also kept working when others stopped, and when he preached, well, he definitely had something to say. He would say, as the Spirit flowed through him, “Do you know Jesus, did you invite Him into your heart?” Then Jim would say with love in his eyes, “If not, then let today be your new start!” Well, Jim’s life mission is now over his work here on earth is now complete. Because of his love and devotion for Jesus, his heavenly reward is truly, oh so sweet! So to his family and friends I can hear Jim saying today, please accept and keep Jesus in your hearts I’ll see you all soon, somewhere along the way! E. P. Shagott 1/22/16 At Jim's Memorial service I shared this song by Glenn Frey titled, "It's Your world Now". Now here is something I thought interesting, Glenn Frey passed away 1/18/16 just 5 days before Jim went home with Jesus. Part of the final lyrics states, "Be part of something good, leave something good behind!" Hmm, Lord I pray I do and I know Jim did!

God's love and grace to you all!


Heaven bound? ~ July 24th, 2022

Many times as I reflect on what to put in a Heart blog I am brought to a song, testimony or picture on the internet. For sure a lot of the inspiration comes from Facebook where I share my love for the Lord. I saw a posting about Heaven and from it made this video titled "Heaven".

Isn't it amazing that it all comes down to "choice". Because God gave us all "free will", we choose where, after this short life is over, our soul spends eternity!

Well, for me my friends "I can Only Imagine". Yes, I made my choice.

God's love and grace to you all!


Hallelujah, different story, same song! ~ July 19th, 2022

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I was looking through the many songs that I have covered when presenting a God's Love presentation and came across, "Hallelujah". This song had the lyrics changed by many, many different people. Myself being one of them. I thought in this blog I would share two that I added or changed the lyrics.

The first song is titled "A Veterans Hallelujah". It's lyrics was written by a young woman named, Sailor Jerri. I liked her lyrics and wanted to use them with the music I had but the song was much longer in length so I added my lyrics to it.

Here is the video I made. My lyrics start at 2:15.

and here is the lyrics I was blessed with. I wanted to make it into an outreach song.

Hallelujah (/ˌhælɪˈluːjə/HAL-i-LOO-yə; Hebrew: הַלְלוּ-יָהּhaləlū-Yāh) is an interjection used as an expression of gratitude and adoration. The term is used 24 times in the Hebrew Bible (in the book of Psalms), twice in deuterocanonical books, and four times in the Christian Book of Revelation.

So no matter which song lyric I sing for sure it is about praising and thanking God for all He has always done for me.

God's love and grace to you all!


Truly found! ~ July 14th, 2022

I have shared this testimony a few times but for sure deserves more sharing. Back in the early 1990's the Lord was preparing me for ministry work. I was not aware but He for sure was and knows all our hearts. I was going back to church where I hadn't been for 40 years (hmm, like walking in the wilderness with Noah!). All I had was a King James Bible and the church was using the New International Version, so I went to a Christian bookstore to get a new Bible. When I went into the store and picked up the new Bible I said, "Lord, please bring me to the verse you want me to start with". I opened my new Bible to Isaiah 29:13;

13 Wherefore the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips do honour me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men:

That testimony and also the Bible verse I believe leads very well into what I found posted on Facebook recently. It describes what would happen if someone would/could lose their salvation. Please take a little time and read through what A. Tanner writes...

"If salvation could be lost or undone once spiritual rebirth has occurred in a believer, God would then have to do numerous things the Bible never speaks of. The scriptures would clearly illustrate these things if it were true, right? Follow along....

God would have to pass me back into death from the eternal life that He already gave me.

God would have to remove me spiritually from being seated with Christ in heavenly places.

God would have to "un-join" me from Christ.

God would have to "un-wash" me from the blood of Jesus that already washed me.

God would have to "un-seal" me from the Holy Spirit.

God would have to "re-place" my sins back onto me He removed as far as the east is from the west.

God would have to break His own covenant He made with His Son, therefore making Him a liar.

God would have to "un-adopt" me as His child.

God would have to leave me and forsake me even though He promised to never do so.

God would have to "pluck me" from His own hand in which He already promised nothing ever could.

God would have to "take back" the free gift of salvation He already gave me.

God would have to "un-do" the perfect righteousness of Christ He already imputed onto me.

God would have to fail to raise me up on the last day.

God would have to fail in completing the good work in me He already promised to complete.

God would have to ignore all the prayers of His Son who lives to intercede for all who belong to Him.

God would have to ultimately reverse the once for all sacrifice made by His Son, for those who are being sanctified, and ignore it like it never happened.

We are told many will depart from the faith, and that is absolutely true! (1 John 2:19 They went out from us, but they did not really belong to us. For if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us; but their going showed that none of them belonged to us.) Does that mean these people were sealed with the Holy Spirit? I don’t think so. I believe it means they came to the knowledge of God, but were never actually born again (which is a work of God~Titus 3:5-7). Many profess with their lips, and hearts are far from Him. We can see a clear distinction with the parable of the sower. We also see in Matthew 7:23 many will hear “depart from Me I never knew you.” But, let’s compare that with John 10:14 where Jesus says He KNOWS His sheep. There’s a difference between wheat and tares.

Sheep and goats. True converts and false converts.

If someone has truly been saved, born-again, sealed with the Holy Spirit, they are saved forever!"

- A. Tanner

Now after reading that I think of Isaiah 29:13. I do believe today there are many that worship God and their hearts are far from Him for sure. We can see it in their daily life style. Though many are truly very good people, they just do not have a heart for God. Though I can only speak for myself I can truthfully say, "I am a child of God!"

I think this video describes it very well.

My friends, "Jesus Loves Me"! I pray you can say and understand the same.

God's love and grace to you


Going, going, gone! ~ July 12th, 2022

I thought this was so interesting and true. What I have found in my life is the importance of the heart. Not only the functioning of it but the leading of it. My friends that is where the Holy Spirit dwells in each of us, "if" and "once" we ask Jesus into it.

This is my latest poem that I was blessed with today. As I see what is happening in the world today it appears that even though it has been over 2000 years ago many haven't learned much and what little Bible knowledge they have has stayed in their heads for sure, for their life styles prove so.

Good Versus Bad

As you read the Bible

and go verse by verse.

What you will discover is

it is best for you, not the worse.

Everything relates to whats good,

it is meant to keep you from the bad.

For those that choose not to read it,

well, there will come a day they will wish they had.

See, bad was never part of creation,

in the beginning God said it is all good.

Man and woman were told what not to do,

satan said, they could.

We all know what happened next,

from God’s grace man and woman did fall.

They listened to the evil one,

not God, who knows whats best for all.

Well, it appears not much has changed,

from the Garden of Eden till today.

So many following whats bad in the world,

rather than what the Good Book says!

Time is passing quickly my friends,

answering for how you lived, you will surly do.

If you choose bad over good you will hear,

“Depart from Me, to Hell with you!”

E. P. Shagott


"Have Thine Own Way Lord", for You are the Potter and we are the clay!

God's love and grace to you all!


Perseverance! ~ July 4th, 2022

><((((º>.•´¯`•.¸¸><((((º> ¸.•´¯`•.¸¸><((((º>.•´¯`•.¸¸><((((º>

When I was thinking of what to put in my Heart blog for this July 4th holiday I thought of an article I read about Abraham Lincoln. Just like what our country has been through since it's founding, the word "perseverance" stood out. Here is what was written about Mr. Lincoln who died by assassination at the age of 56.

This man was born in 1809.

In 1816, at age 7, he was forced to work to support his family

In 1818, at the age of 9, he lost his mother.

In 1828, at the age of 19 he lost his sister.

In 1831, at 22 he opened his first business and went bankrupt.

In 1832, at 23 he stood in the legislative elections and lost.

In 1833, at 24 he borrowed money to open another business and went bankrupt again.

In 1835, at 26 he met a wonderful woman. He falls in love with her, they get engaged, and she dies.

In 1836, at 27 he entered a dark period of his life: deep depression. He remains bedridden for 6 consecutive months. But he gets up.

In 1836, at 27 he runs in the legislative elections and loses again.

In 1840 at 31 he presented himself as an elector; he loses.

In 1842, at 33 he met the woman he would fall in love, get engaged, get married and she gives him 4 children and they lose 3 of them.

In 1843, at 34 he appeared at the congresses and lost.

In 1845, at 36 he appeared again at the congresses and lost again.

In 1850, at 39 his son died.

In 1854, at 43 he ran for the Senate and lost.

In 1856, at 45 he ran for Vice President, he didn't even have 100 votes.

In 1858, at 49 he ran again for the Senate and lost again.

And in 1860 at 51 ABRAHAM LINCOLN was elected President of the United States of America.

In 1865 at 56 he was assassinated in beginning of the second term.

He was one of the most respected and impactful Presidents in the history of the United States.

It's important to know this story of perseverance because we see the hero, but we don't see his backstage of afflictions. We need to accept our afflictions, no matter how difficult for we can overcome all!

Now let's fast forward to today's times when we get called a name and are ready to throw in the towel. Well, I think this picture describes Abraham Lincoln and the USA very good. Hang in there America and

America, America, God shed His grace on thee!

God's love and grace to you all!

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